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Dog Macros

Bow to the wow!

Dog Macros to Rock Your Socks
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Dog Macros and Funny Pictures
This is a community based off of the wonderful cat macros one. We mean no harm or discord. In short it's to put pictures of dogs with text on them, as demonstrated by the community icon. If you are looking for a place merely to post pictures of your very adorable dogs, we suggest you join dog_lovers. You'll fit in quite well there, we're sure of it!

A few quick guidelines:

1. All posts must contain a dog macro of some sort or be related to dog macro...ing (?.. LOL)

2. Troublemakers will be banned at the discretion of the maintainer. No warnings may be given and the maintainer reserves the right to restrict all or some posts.

3. LJ-cuts are appreciated for exceptionally large images.

4. Posts requesting captions for plain photos should be behind an LJ-cut.

5. No posting of bestiality, dead, tortured, or otherwise mutilated dogs in any form - including text.

6. Do not use the community for personal promotion of any kind.

Helpful pages for n00bs:

- Image Macro entry at Wikipedia

- Image Macro entry at Encyclopedia Dramatica